Best Tips for Growing Onions

Onions growing in dark soil


Best Tips for Growing Onions



  • Onions can be started from seeds, sets, or plants.
  • Start your seeds in early spring for harvest in late summer to early fall.
  • Sets, which come from previous year’s seed, can be re-sown the following year.


  • Loose soil and early planting when combined with cooler starting temperatures yields the best results.
  • If correct soil composition can not be achieved, raised flower beds should be used.
  • Create shallow trenches in which you place the onions an inch deep and five inches apart.
  • Water onions to about an inch deep into soil once a week.
  • Extra tip: 
  • Make sure to maintain your trenches and remove weeds as needed because they can compete for nutrients causing the onions to lack the size desired.


  • Larger onions grow more often from the sets of previously sown seeds than from seed.
  • Bigger size can also be attributed to fertilizer or compost being used in the soil.


  • After picking the onions in late summer, leave out to dry in the heat for a couple days.
  • Store in a cool, dry area for optimal results.
  • Once cut, onions must be preserved in airtight bags to retain moisture.





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