All journeys begin with a first step. See how far Melnor has come since our first step in 1946.

  • Commercially Successful Oscillating Sprinkler

    Commercially Successful Oscillating Sprinkler
    Melnor developed the first commercially successful oscillating sprinkler for the home market. This true innovation brought us the popular oscillating sprinkler attributes we still use today like gentle watering of lawns and gardens, quiet operation, and rectangular coverage to match the shape of standard lawns versus traditional circular coverage.
  • Multi-Pattern Turret Sprinkler

    Multi-Pattern Turret Sprinkler

    Melnor’s first multi-pattern sprinkler that allowed users to quickly change the spray pattern by turning the front section of the sprinkler. This functionality has become a standard in the industry today.

  • Traveling Hose Reel

    Traveling Hose Reel

    The signature Traveling Hose Reel Sprinkler was designed to follow the path of the hose. It was developed to roll up the hose as it traveled watering the lawn and flowers with an automatic shut off at the end of watering.

  • Time-a-Matic Sprinklers

    Time-a-Matic Sprinklers

    Combining two tools into one, the Time-a-Matic sprinkler let users control everything right at the sprinkler.

  • Low-Profile Oscillator

    Low-Profile Oscillator

    A more modern design allowed the sprinkler to sit lower to the ground for increased stability. The low profile also provided more convenient storage.

  • Electronic AquaTimer™

    Electronic AquaTimer™

    Built with an LCD screen, the Electronic AquaTimer™ made for more flexible scheduling to fit more watering needs.

  • Front-Trigger Clad Zinc AquaGun™

    Front-Trigger Clad Zinc AquaGun™

    The new and innovative design of the Front Trigger Clad Zinc AquaGun™ allowed users to pull the trigger of the nozzle with their fingers instead of squeezing with their entire hand.

  • Drip-Compatible Electronic AquaTimer™

    Drip-Compatible Electronic AquaTimer™

    The Drip-Compatible Electronic AquaTimer™ was developed to operate with numerous systems where lower water pressure is present.

  • Electronic Mini Timer

    Electronic Mini Timer

    The Electronic Mini Timer offered a range of options along with programming simplicity. The lighted prompts made for one of the easiest electronic water timers to program.

  • 2-Zone AquaTimer™

    2-Zone AquaTimer™

    The 2-Zone AquaTimer™ allowed for two completely independent schedules to operate from one faucet offering the functionality of two timers in one.

  • One-Touch Oscillator

    One-Touch Oscillator

    Featured easier adjustments, the One-Touch Oscillator controlled both the width and range of the watering pattern with a single control.

  • RainCheck Automatic Rain Monitor

    RainCheck Automatic Rain Monitor

    The RainCheck Automatic Rain Monitor worked in conjunction with any water timer and sprinkler to prevent watering after a recent rainfall. Requiring no batteries, it opererated strictly on rainfall and water pressure from the hose.

  • AquaSentry® Automatic Rain Delay

    AquaSentry® Automatic Rain Delay

    The AquaSentry® Automatic Rain Delay prevents overwatering by monitoring how wet the soil is and overriding preset watering schedules when it rains or the soil is too damp.

  • Hideaway™ Sprinkler

    Hideaway™ Sprinkler

    Melnor’s contemporary Hideaway™ Sprinkler made watering go virtually unnoticed by hiding behind tall plants or bushes. Extending up to 50″, the Hideaway Sprinkler’s height can be adjusted as plants grow.

  • 4-Zone AquaTimer™

    4-Zone AquaTimer™

    Designed to act like four independent water timers, each valve of the 4-Zone AquaTimer™ allows for four completely separate schedules to fit more watering needs.

  • WiFi AquaTimer™

    WiFi AquaTimer™

    Melnor’s first internet controlled water timer, the AquaTimer™ let homeowners program or adjust their watering using a smart phone, tablet or computer. Since 2015, the AquaTimer™ has evolved into the Raincloud® Smart Water Timer with more capabilities.

  • TwinTouch™ Adjustments

    TwinTouch™ Adjustments

    The patented TwinTouch™ width adjustment lets users split width and range adjustments to cover the whole yard or a narrow flower bed.

  • RelaxGrip® Nozzles and Wands

    RelaxGrip® Nozzles and Wands

    RelaxGrip® products are designed to provide the highest level of grip to alleviate strain on the hands and wrists. Melnor spoke with gardeners of all ages to find out what pain points they faced when using watering tools, and applied what they learned along with principles established by the Arthritis Foundation to create an entirely new line of watering products focused on comfort and ease of use.

  • 4-Zone Bluetooth® Water Timer

    4-Zone Bluetooth® Water Timer

    This innovative Bluetooth timer works with the Melnor BT App to easily set watering schedules directly from your smart device for four independent zones. Each zone has independent scheduling, so you can water your lawn every other morning, your vegetable garden twice a day and other areas as needed.

  • Mpact Nozzles and Wands

    Mpact Nozzles and Wands

    Mpact uses physics to pulsate water 40 times per second – with no moving parts. Clean your patio, boat, or RV faster while using 40% less water than a traditional nozzle.

  • Dirt-Resistant Drive

    Dirt-Resistant Drive

    Key for homeowners with well water, this unique system allows water to bypass the gears and continue watering even when grit is present in the water.

  • Vortex Nozzles and Wands

    Vortex Nozzles and Wands

    Featuring a signature helix high-speed spinning spray action, the Vortex nozzles and wands are made for advanced cleaning while using less water.