Make Connections Easy with QuickConnects™

Melnor’s QuickConnect™ System makes switching out watering tools fast and easy. Product Adapters stay in place on your nozzles, wands, or sprinklers so you can quickly attach or switch out tools in a snap. Put one product adapter in your watering wand to water your hanging baskets and add one to your favorite adjustable nozzle to spray a larger area.

Melnor QuickConnect Product End Connector

Easily Switch Tools

Keep product adapters on each of your favorite watering tools so you can quickly switch out tools and get more done.

Melnor QuickConnects Product End Connector

Change Tools with Water Running

Switch from your hose nozzle to your sprinkler without walking back to the faucet. The built-in water stop prevents water from spraying while you make the switch. 

Melnor QuickConnect Product End Connector

Swivels to Reduce Kinks

The fully articulated connector makes moving around the garden easier. No more fighting the hose while watering the flowers.  

Melnor QuickConnect Faucet End Connector

Standard Connections

Mix and match the QuickConnect system to fit your watering needs. Each piece connects to standard garden hoses and watering tools. 

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