Heavy-Duty Lawn Sprinklers, Nozzles, and Timers

Job Site Tough

Strength meets functionality with the expanded line of XT products. Our XT line includes heavy-duty lawn sprinklers, nozzles, and timers. Built tough to last with unique features to get the job done. Metal to the core nozzles blast away dirt. Fully adjustable sprinklers with clog resistant motors keep working after others quit. Clever tools including the EZ-Flo™ Control Valves make everyday tasks a little easier with products that are trusted to last through the abuse everyday use. Get the job done with the tools that last.

At Melnor, we make products that you can trust.

Turbo Rotary Sprinklers

HideAway™ Sprinkler

Turbo Rotary Sprinklers

Turbo Rotary Sprinkler